This is a quick game that I somehow pulled together for Ludum Dare 33. I make games as a hobby and would spend as long as I want on my games because there is no time limit. So when the time limit was applied, I panicked, rushed the game and it's not all that good.

In the game, you are a dream eating demon who has come to terrorize a small village. During the day you must hide from the sunlight under trees and try to stay away from the roaming guards. During the night you have to sneak around guard, in to the huts and feed on the dreams of the sleeping villagers.

Movement: Up, Down, Left, Right
Eat Dreams: Z
Sneak: X

Install instructions

There is no install for this game. Once you download and extract the .zip file, you can run the stand-alone application and it should run perfectly.


Dream 19 MB